Band Merchandise

Band Merchandise Printing

Thinking about adding band or musician merchandise to offer to your fans, then we can help!

We offer a Print on Demand service for all of your merchandise needs. We work with new, established bands or just about anybody who is looking to sell t-shirts or merchandise to their fans!

We print your orders and ship directly to your customers meaning that you can focus on marketing and designing without having to worry about the stress of production, warehousing or stock management. Why invest money into stock when you can invest this money into marketing instead?

Or if you have a gig coming up we can provide a bulk delivery so you have stock on hand at your store or vendor on the night.


We offer high quality DTF printing to all of our clients, allowing you to offer a quality item at a sensible price. We ensure we will be sending out the best quality garments prints possible and onto a range of available garments.

What are the benefits on print on demand?

  • Zero Stock
    • Reduce Risk
    • Reduce Waste
    • Save Money
  • Zero warehousing costs
    • No need to order in bulk and incur expensive storage fee's!
  • Speed to market
    • Launch a new design and be selling within minutes!
  • Increase your range
    • You can have 1000's of designs listed and ready to sell across a range of blanks!

What are the benefits of bulk ordering?

  • Stock on hand at gigs and on tours
    • Every size and colour on hand
    • Never disappoint your fans
    • Bulk orders are always cheaper and are delivered for free in the UK
  • Stock on hand for product photo shoots
    • Show your fans exactly what they are getting.  Any colour any design.
  • Increase your range
    • You can have stock on hand of a standard design and use our on demand service to launch new designs with zero risk or cost.

To enquire about bulk orders or to get a quote please email