Artwork Guide


❏ Minimum of 150 dpi ❏ PNG or PSD File ❏ RGB ❏ Transparent Background ❏ Artwork Sized To Actual Print Dimensions


❏ Include any reduced opacity colours in the design (Semi-Transparencies) ❏ File size in excess of 200mb ❏ Poor quality pixelated, faded edges

The File Setup

If you are creating your artwork file in Photoshop, we recommend that you start off with a clean file setup to the size of our print platen.

● 40 x 50 cm ● 150 DPI ● RGB ● 8 Bit ● Transparent Background

The Artwork itself...

Ensure that you are using high resolution graphics and text - pixelated artwork won’t print well! Keep the background transparent, anything in the file will be printed so ensure that the background is clean of any stray pixels.


Ensure that your artwork does not have pixelated edges, this can result in a white line printing around the outside of your final prints. Zoom into 100% mode and check the edges look sharp.

When screen printing onto coloured garments, we will print a layer of white ink underneath the entire print area. This means that we must avoid using fades and semi-transparent areas within your design or the print will appear predominantly white where the under-base layer is showing through.

Saving the file

When it comes to saving the file, we recommend the following;

● Name you will recognise and reference easily ● PNG Save the file and you’re ready to print! ● Save the image to the size you want it printed