Choosing the right printing company

When you need some customised tees, shirts printed with your company logo or brand artwork, finding the right team to do the printing is crucial if you want the best results. But, whilst it’s one of the most important decisions, choosing the right t-shirt printing company can be a tricky business. Search online for t-shirt printing and you’ll be presented with a vast array of possibilities (no surprise because UK t-shirt printing is a thriving and competitive sector) and picking a company from the list can be a daunting prospect.

The good news is that the decision is easier than it might seem. You can whittle down the selection, remove a lot of confusion, by simply asking a few sensible questions and doing some basic research. Whether you’re looking to change your service provider or a complete newbie to the world of custom clothes, having a clear idea of what you want will pay dividends. And knowing the right questions to ask is a great place to start. So, here are some useful tips for choosing the right t-shirt printing company.


As mentioned, there are numerous t-shirt printing companies in the UK. With so many out there, it’s worth checking out their history. The date and circumstances in which they were founded can give a great insight into what to expect now. The simple truth is that t-shirt printing firms need to be good to survive and flourish. Having longevity, being well-established, is a sure sign that they provide a satisfactory service. Plus, it also indicates that the company understand the need to change and are willing to innovate.


These days, great customer service is a vital part of any relationship. And by that, we don’t mean blandly paying lip service to the idea with empty words and soft action. Good customer service is about genuinely caring, being open and honest in how you deal with people. You can usually find evidence of satisfied customers. A quick web search can be informative. Type in the company name. Sites like Trust Pilot and Yell are generally reliable indicators of how a company is perceived by the folk who have used them.


Printing t-shirts, especially screen printing, is a craft. And, as with any business that has an artistic element to it, expertise is born out of passion. When you love what you do, you tend to get good at it. Passion may not be obvious at first glance, but it’s usually pretty close to the surface. See if the company has a blog. How they write and talk about their trade will give you a good angle on how they go about their work. And check out their social media. That’s a great way for you to get a idea of how they feel about what they do.



Where your prospective t-shirt printing partner is located won’t be an issue for everyone, but it could be a big deal for you. Geography matters and if you want to arrange a quick meeting, the closer the better. It matters even more if your business arrangement will be ongoing and you intend to visit them on a regular basis. Local holds plenty of appeal and if that’s not an option, being located in an easily accessible place is the next best thing. 


This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s worth thinking about. Specialism is a mark of more than the speciality itself. It denotes a level of dedication which will serve customers well. Many successful companies diversify, expand and add new services to their portfolio. The most successful remember their roots and maintain the level of excellence in the area that has provided the platform for growth. T-shirt printing is like so many things in life. Staying in touch with your base is the best way to stay in business.


Ethics can’t be ignored when choosing the right t-shirt printing company. That’s not a tip, just plain fact. Nowadays, operating in an ethical and sustainable manner is essential. The consequences of getting this wrong can’t be underestimated. Without any doubt, your customers are thinking about it. People are increasingly unwilling to wear clothing which has a questionable origin. Garment customisation is only part of a bigger picture and the best printing and personalisation companies have embraced best practice.


Size & Suitability

What volumes are we talking about? Your print number needs to be matched to an appropriate supplier. Speaking to a company which is small scale isn’t a good size match when you need hundreds, maybe thousands, of t-shirts printed. Along the same lines, companies which specialise in big/bundle orders may not be overly enthusiastic when you finally inform them that six garments is your top limit. Best be up front and open about your requirements.

Art & Creativity

Finding a firm which has a real feel for art and creativity is an integral part of choosing the right t-shirt printing company. Adding decoration is sometimes an art and always a craft, but it can be reduced to numbers. All good, if the latter meets your needs. It’s worth noting that companies which have a broader customer base are less personal in the help that they offer.  A smaller company values your business and will offer a more personal service.

Contact & Availability

Our last bit of advice about choosing the right t-shirt printing company is very basic and all the more valuable for it. Study their website. The site should look good, but take a minute. Go beyond the aesthetic, and dig a little deeper. How easy is it to see where these guys live or to contact them? Are there real phone numbers and easily visible email addresses? Unprofessional outfits skip this and big business has developed a nasty habit of appearing approachable and cleverly burying contact details in layer upon layer of wooden navigation.

Give your t-shirt printing company a call or drop them an email. Real companies respond in real ways and you’ll know their response is genuine by the tone. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it will be honest and meant in the right way.



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